The Moon has moved into Watery Scorpio today where it is Trine to Mercury in Cancer. These are favorable emotional tides for us on a subconscious level, where we will be given a glimpse into the depths of what has remained hidden for quite some time. There, we will be offered a pen and parchment, to journal what we will learn. There, we will be granted access to secrets and hidden knowledge we have been in pursuit of for our highest good.
  • What is Vervain? Learn About Its History and Uses

    If you are a fan of the recent pop culture trend regarding vampires, you’ve probably heard of Vervain. In the Vampire Diaries, Vervain, that grew at the base of a White Oak Tree, was used as protection from the local vampires. Amazingly, the television writers weren’t that far off. Vervain is an ancient plant that was once used to ward off witches and evil spirits.
  • The Desert’s Hidden Secret- Desert Rose and Its Many Uses

    Desert Rose is a talisman with some very special energy. It can increase self-confidence, help shed shyness and connect you with your best self. This makes it popular among those with hidden talents who have trouble showing them off.
  • What is Chalcopyrite and Peacock Ore? Discover its Uses, Meanings, and Background

    Peacock Ore, or Bornite, is a beautiful multi-colored stone. The mixture of deep blues, purples, greens, reds, and gold are the reason it is known as Peacock Ore. It is found in many places in the United States, as well as Peru, and Mexico. Peacock Ore is also a stone of joy, and the vibrant colors reminds us to look for the beauty in the world around us. Like a rainbow after a storm, it helps us to clear through the negativity in our lives. It is also known as a stone of protection from both physical and spiritual ailments.
  • Flower of Jericho, The Magic Plant

    Looking for a lucky charm and a bit of real magic in your life? The flower of Jericho is the wand to your wizard, black cat to your broom, and crystal ball to the gypsy caravan. This, “magic plant” has been revered by many different cultures and the plant is both symbolic and steeped in legend.
  • Frankincense and Myrrh: Your Modern Day Medicinal Treasures

    If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it. Some of the best natural medicines have been around for thousands, and in this case billions of years. Frankincense and myrrh are most commonly known as the gifts of the Magi in the biblical story of Jesus. At the time (around 5 B.C.) frankincense and myrrh were worth more than their weight in gold. Their antibacterial and medicinal properties were highly coveted.
  • What is Diopside? Learn More About Its Uses, Meaning and History

    A collector’s stone only in times past, Diopside has entered the modern gem market of today, its deep green color rivaling that of the much costlier emerald. The stone has one drawback preventing it from becoming emerald’s rival, however—a low hardness level that makes it easy to scratch. Diopside also resembles Tsavorite and Green Chrome Tourmaline.
  • What Is Selenite and Where Does it Come From?

    Selenite, composed of the mineral gypsum, can be used numerous ways, including meditation and astral projection due to the energies contained within the crystal. Its name is taken from the Grecian moon goddess, Selene, from the color of stones found there that were pure white. The mineral can also be found in Morocco, Australia, Germany, the United States and several other countries.
  • What Is Black Obsidian? Learn More About Obsidian's Uses, Purpose, and Meaning

    Black Obsidian is often known as the mirror stone, or the stone of truth. It is created when volcanic lava is submerged in water and cools rapidly. Smooth structureless pieces are formed that have an incredible reflective luster, allowing you to see your reflection.
  • Smudging Made Simple- Learn Basic Techniques for Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Space

    Smudging is a popular practice of clearing negative energy from our environment and ourselves. It can purify our body’s aura as well as a living space. Spiritual instruments such as feathers and crystals can also be smudged to clean their energy.

    This ceremonial burning of plants such as sage, cedar, sweet grass and/or rosemary connects us to the spirits of the plants, and draws on their energy to help us restore the balance and clarity we seek. Different plants carry different spirit energies so it is important to do some research before selecting your plants. Smudging can be done alone or with a group of people in a smudge circle. One of the key aspects to a successful smudge is your attitude and openness to the experience.

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