Black Obsidian is often known as the mirror stone, or the stone of truth. It is created when volcanic lava is submerged in water and cools rapidly. Smooth structureless pieces are formed that have an incredible reflective luster, allowing you to see your reflection.    

Black Obsidian has been found all over the world. Ancient cultures used this stone to make arrows and spearheads, knives, and other cutting tools. In more recent times it has even been crafted into fine bladed scalpels, although they are not approved for surgical use in humans.   

Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones, having the elements of fire, water, and earth. It is truly a stone of reflection in that it helps you to see your true inner self, both good and bad. True reflection helps you to accept yourself entirely and to set you on the path of a more positive life. We all have a dark side and Black Obsidian helps to keep our negative traits in sync with our positive ones, keeping us in balance.   Using Black Obsidian in the shape of a sphere can help to access your subconsciousness. It also helps when dealing with negative energies, such as doubt, anger, and fear. It can help you to work through grief and aid with the acceptance of your loss.    

When using Black Obsidian for meditation, a sphere or egg works best.    

Many people wear it as an amulet, cut into the shape of an arrowhead. It protects against hostility, anger, and spiritual attacks. It also helps to cut negative attachments to people with whom you have been close.   

Black Obsidian resonates with the root Chakra and aids to ground yourself. It also aids the third eye Chakra in breaking down the barriers in your mind.   

Stones that work well with Black Obsidian: 


  • Rose Quartz or Aventurine to intensify life experiences.   

  • Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Hematite to aid in practicality and add more grounding energy to your life.   

  • Black Obsidian paired with Tourmaline becomes the stone of honesty. It helps to remove any illusions and uncover lies, both in yourself and others.    Because it removes negative energies and is a protection stone, Black Obsidian needs to be cleansed regularly. 

Being a stone of Earth, water, and fire, there are several methods to cleanse your stone.   

  • Water: Crystal, glass or non-metallic bowl, water, and non-iodized sea salt (approximately 1-2 tablespoons of salt per gallon of water, dissolved). Soak your crystals in solution for 24-48 hours. You may use tap water. Water from natural sources is excellent for crystal cleansing. If you have rain water, or water from a spring, stream, or sacred source, you can add these to the solution or use in place of tap water. 

  • Rice: Bury them in a glass bowl of brown rice for up to twenty-four hours. Make sure you throw out the used rice when done.    

  • Soil: Black Obsidian is also an Earth element stone, you can bury it on earth to cleanse them. Take a glass pot filled with clean soil and bury it overnight. Rinse them thoroughly under running water, making sure to clean the soil from any small indentations.   

Being a power stone, the best way to charge your Black Obsidian is place your stones in direct sunlight for several hours, being sure to bring them in before night falls.   

While there are many types of Obsidian, Black Obsidian is the stone of choice for self-reflection and balance. Learning to accept and balance your light and dark sides will help to make your life complete.  

  ©   Sara Allen Stewart  

Sara Allen Stewart developed a love for crystals, stones, fossils, and gemstones the first time her Aunt Alice took her to a rock and mineral show. Since then, her collection has grown, as well as her education about the history and folklore behind them. She is a published fiction author often who uses this knowledge in her writing.  

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