Selenite, composed of the mineral gypsum, can be used numerous ways, including meditation and astral projection due to the energies contained within the crystal. Its name is taken from the Grecian moon goddess, Selene, from the color of stones found there that were pure white. The mineral can also be found in Morocco, Australia, Germany, the United States and several other countries. 

Selenite comes in various colors, including white, yellow, green and pink, and grows in many different shapes. One resembles the petals of a rose, while another type, long and much larger with striations on its surface, can be made into wands. Hourglass-shaped selenite is rare and found only in parts of Canada and the state of Oklahoma. Green selenite grows in clusters, is a beautiful stone, but is also very delicate. 

A more common pattern, fishtail selenite, with a form resembling the tail of a fish, can be helpful in releasing emotional blockages. Blue selenite aids in quieting the mind and is frequently used in meditation. 

Other uses for selenite include -- 

  • accessing personal power -- 

  • enhancing psychic awareness --

  • purification --raising awareness of past lives   --

  • improving concentration --

  • protection against ‘energy vampires’ 

You may place these stones onto your yoga mat in order to aid in achieving mental balance along with the physical balance the poses are designed to create. Also used in healing, the best stones for this type of work are found in Mexico, have a long shape, are pure white and are called ‘liquid light’. 

The stone aligns the Chakras and is known for relieving stress and anxiety.  Since there have been reports of selenite usage leaving its users dizzy or feeling lightheaded, you might want to keep a grounding crystal with you, especially if working with the chakras. Black onyx and red jasper can be used for this. Conscious grounding can be performed after working with this crystal by walking outside or eating a bit of food. 

Do not place your crystal in water as it will dissolve, lose its color or even pit. To cleanse the stone, place it near a lit sage smudge stick or pass it near the smoke from the stick. Selenite may also be cleaned by using sound from Tibetan hand cymbals or a cleansing bowl that has good resonation qualities. You also may lay your stones in a bed of dry rice (white or brown) overnight. It is not advisable to use salt as a cleanser with selenite as it has reportedly destroyed the stones. 

Charging can be performed by leaving your crystal out overnight where moonlight may strike it or it can be buried in the earth overnight—again be careful that water cannot get to the stone when you use this charging method. Sunlight will fade the color from selenite. 

Cleanse your crystals regularly particular if you work with them often in order that they may do their best and you can enjoy them to the fullest.   

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