If you ever wish you had your own fairy god mother to magically transform you from Cinderella scrubbing the floor to Cinderella at the ball, you’re in for a treat. Desert Rose is a talisman with some very special energy.  It can increase self-confidence, help shed shyness and connect you with your best self. This makes it popular among those with hidden talents who have trouble showing them off. Place it in your pocket before a special meeting, job interview or date…. maybe add some pizazz by humming a few bars of, “I feel pretty,” or whatever your theme song is to get in that “you got this!” mind set.  

This stone has a calming and clairvoyant effect and it even enhances psychic abilities. Each stone is said to contain a spirit guardian and they are all different. This is your own special guardian who will increase self-worth, calm your nerves and bring clarity. Bring on the bipity- bopity-boo

Desert Rose is also an excellent meditation stone, putting you in touch with your intuition and guiding you back to your higher self. This stone is an activator of your third eye which is why it can strengthen your awareness, make your dreams vivid, and raise your vibrations. It can also aid in past life recall and increase your ability to experience white light.  

What gives the stone its rose like appearance is a combination of crystal clusters and oxidation. Crystals form the petals and oxidation give it the rose color. The “petal” formation of crystal clusters can range from small (pea sized) to large (almost four inches). The crystals are formed by Gypsum which is an evaporate; meaning that the crystals form as water evaporates. During the crystallization process sand gets trapped inside the crystals, which is what gives it that distinct candle light color. The crystal rosettes form in an arid environment with a large source of calcium sulfate and fluctuation of water. The desert!  

Depending on the level of oxidation the stone can have a dusty or vibrant rose color. The oxidation level is relative to how deep in the sand the stone forms. The deeper in the sand that the stone forms, the less oxidation it is subject to. With less oxidation the base color of the stone tends to be more yellow or even colorless and the “petals” are blocky in appearance. The shallower in the sand the stone forms, the more oxygen and therefore more of an amber or dusty rose color. The “petals” are also smaller and more delicate.  

So, whether you choose a Desert Rose that is yellow, dusty rose or red, pick one that you feel connected with. Be sure to keep it, “A stone’s throw away,” to ensure that you reap all of the positive vibes.    

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