Chalcopyrite is derived from the Greek words, chalkos~ meaning, copper, and pyrite~meaning, to strike fire. There is often some confusion about Chalcopyrite as there are actually two different stones known by this name. Chalcopyrite and Peacock Ore (the other known name) have very similar chemical structures, but Peacock Ore is actually Bornite. They also have very different metaphysical characteristics, so be sure to choose the right stone for your needs. I will break down the differences for you.   

Chalcopyrite is golden in color, ranging from butter yellow to a brassy gold. This stone is known as the stone of the mystics and can help to clear your life of negative energies. And resonates with the higher chakras. It is also considered a strong healing stone for the body. It is found in many places around the world, including: Germany, Spain, France, and several countries in South America and Africa.   

Chalcopyrite is a powerful meditation stone, especially if used at the crown chakra. It helps you to gain insight and can be helpful in developing a stronger spiritual understanding of the world around you. Chalcopyrite is also known as the stone of happiness and can help to bring joy to your life.   

Combining Chalcopyrite with Golden Apatite, Rutilated Quartz, Sunstones, and Citrine can aid in bringing about prosperity in your life.   

While there are several ways to cleanse your Chalcopyrite, I prefer placing mine in full sunlight on a clear day. The power of the sun does much to restore the full strength of your stone. You can also bury your stones in a bowl of brown rice for twenty-four hours, making sure to discard the rice when finished. Running water is also an option, however, do not leave your stone in standing water as it will tarnish.   

Peacock Ore, or Bornite, is a beautiful multi-colored stone. The mixture of deep blues, purples, greens, reds, and gold are the reason it is known as Peacock Ore. It is found in many places in the United States, as well as Peru, and Mexico.   Peacock Ore is also a stone of joy, and the vibrant colors reminds us to look for the beauty in the world around us. Like a rainbow after a storm, it helps us to clear through the negativity in our lives. It is also known as a stone of protection from both physical and spiritual ailments.   

Combining Peacock Ore:  

  • Onyx will help you deal with the fear of failure and give you courage to try new things. Iron Pyrite will help dispel negativity and strengthen your resolve. 

When cleansing your Peacock Ore remember it is a brittle stone and must be handled with care.   

As with Chalcopyrite, you can charge it in sunlight, but for no more than a few hours at a time, as the colors can fade.   

Other options are: 

  • Place it in a bowl of brown rice for twenty-four hours, discarding the rice after.

  ©   Sara Allen Stewart  Sara Allen Stewart developed a love for crystals, stones, fossils, and gemstones the first time her Aunt Alice took her to a rock and mineral show. Since then, her collection has grown, as well as her education about the history and folklore behind them. She is a published fiction author often who uses this knowledge in her writing.  

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