The Moon has moved into Watery Scorpio today where it is Trine to Mercury in Cancer. These are favorable emotional tides for us on a subconscious level, where we will be given a glimpse into the depths of what has remained hidden for quite some time. There, we will be offered a pen and parchment, to journal what we will learn. There, we will be granted access to secrets and hidden knowledge we have been in pursuit of for our highest good.

It is also worth noting that Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and divine feminine grace is Trine to Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius. There are some peaceful negotiations taking place which could lead to favorable outcomes for us, depending on where we are on our personal Karmic Wheel of destiny. Perhaps love can heal old wounds, and absolve our karmic debts we owe to others, and vice versa. 

Magic and mystery will swirl around us but instead of leaving us clouded in cryptic smoke and mirrors, we will have the curtain pulled back in which a great many truths will be revealed to us. These truths will be direct, honest, and transparent. Some of those truths will be so clear that we may stumble a bit, in an attempt to accept what we’ve discovered. What we see cannot be unseen. We are changed by things we have needed to know in order to grow. And so, it begins.

We can expect confessions from people who have spun us in circles. We can expect enemies to trip over their hasty movements, revealing their power plays and intentions they’ve had all along. We may discover hidden enemies behind the gates or in our inner circle. We may also discover hidden allies who adore and love us beyond measure. Love confessions, marriage proposals, and selfless offerings may come. Many of us may be surprised by who loves us, as well as who wishes for us to fail. 

We could see couples reunite together under passionate fireworks, so if you’ve been hoping to reconnect with a former lover, the opportunity is there. However, be mindful that the dreamy energies of Neptune Retrograde in Pisces could have us seeing more red flags and warning signs with matters of love. Exes are exes for a reason. But with that said, some couples may feel inclined to start over and work towards building a new depth of intimacy and healing of old wounds. Some love is meant to be rekindled. Some love was never meant to be broken apart. This is a good time to take honest review of the people we have in our circles, especially when it comes to third party influences that contributed to break ups in the first place. Anyone who caused disharmony, sabotage, or displacement in our intimate relationships will be reaping the karmic return of their actions. This is also a time to guard the love and connections we have from outward interference. Don’t give too many details about your circumstances to other people. Protect the integrity of your connections so they cannot be tampered with by people who want to see you fail.

Through the shadow side of the Moon in Scorpio, we could see some flared fires of jealousy, possessiveness, darker lustful desires, or unwanted sexual advancements from people who can’t take no for an answer. Communicating clear boundaries are necessary. Especially if mixed signals have been in play already. Anyone who’s been playing head games or playing with people’s emotions are going to go through a setback by realizing the jig is up. The truth is going to come out and this could happen in the form of exes getting together to talk about the guy or gal who used them. Players won’t have a free couch to sleep on if they keep it up.

A Scorpio Moon challenges us to reevaluate our concepts and perceptions of trust. Who do we trust the most, and why? If we cannot trust someone we love, are we going to give ourselves permission to pull away and draw tighter boundaries with them? Are we willing to walk our talk, and say no to toxicity? We are going to go deep within our subconscious selves to examine our connections and decide who and what we are willing to trust going forward. So long as we stay true to ourselves, and keep our boundaries healthy, we will be alright. We need to watch out for spiteful behavior though, or even temper tantrums and rage along the way. This is very much a Root Chakra vibe, and some of us are still clinging to an outdated fight or flight response when we are challenged in situations like this. This also goes for people in our circle who may be less in control of their emotions this weekend.

Some of us may reach a point where we have to put an end to the connections we’ve kept alive, simply because they no longer work. Goodbyes aren’t necessarily permanent. They’re just part of a cycle. Relationships from a bigger picture point of view, look like a double helix DNA strand. We come together and separate, over and over, until we get it right. We remain tethered together, even if we are no longer in communication or contact, until the lessons we share together are completed. We spin around each other throughout time, continually working to align in a harmonic vibrational expression. We move in and out of alignment throughout our incarnations. But our bonds are never fully severed even if they are broken in the process. These are the deaths that would appear to be a loss as a fixed state, but really, they are temporary, mutable, and ever evolving. Sometimes we have to fall away in order to come back together. And not all losses are a loss.

Whispers are coming from the Ethers to invite us to explore aspects of our subconsciousness further, and remember ourselves and each other on a deeper soul level. This may inspire some of us to reach for hidden knowledge, unearth ancient history, do past life regressions, or work with the esoteric and occult in new ways. Truths are out there waiting to be unveiled. This could even inspire us to face our deepest fears, so that they no longer have control over our psyche. We need to face what we are afraid of, or dislike, in order to overcome it. Avoidance won’t be possible during this Scorpio Moon so we might as well embrace it.

Working with our Root and Sacral Chakra this weekend will help us embrace this Scorpio Moon, and clear any blockages we’ve accumulated. This is a time to release our concepts of victimhood, and understand our experiences of suffering are part of a bigger whole, rather than the whole itself. Any energies we’ve held onto that have imprinted us with a sense of harm, injury, illness, rage, or fear, can be elevated to the surface in order to heal. To help ourselves through the process, we can incorporate crystals into our meditations for cleansing, protecting, and grounding. This will ensure we remain balanced and grounded in the process.

Crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Carnelian Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Black Obsidian, Black Jasper, Black Kyanite, Labradorite, Sanskrit Stone, Black Mica, Lepidolite, and Selenite are great to use in lower Chakra work. These crystals can also be used in partnership with Smoke Cleansing or Smudge.

Using breathwork, or even releasing pent up emotions through primal screaming can help clear us of the energies we no longer need to hang onto.

We can also incorporate water ceremonies into our emotional release energy work. Perhaps submerging ourselves in a hot bath, illuminated only by candle light, is in order. Adding Himalayan salt to the water, and working with Clear Quartz can set the intention for healing. Incorporating Rose Quartz, Pink Mangano Calcite, and Green Chrysoprase in our Heart Chakra work while showering, bathing, or swimming in a lake or ocean can help us transmute any emotional fury into a gentle vibration once again.

For the most part, this is going to feel like an invigorating magical time, which makes for a perfect opportunity to explore Kundalini healing, exotic dance, Tantra workshops, couple’s retreats, and building deeper bonds of intimacy. Expect unions for cosmic lovers, Starseeds looking for their other half, divine counterparts, and high vibrational lovers. The Universe is speaking its love languages, if we have ears to hear it, and hearts open enough to receive it.

Allow yourself to dig deep, beloved. This is where all the good stuff is at. Don't be afraid to ask questions, challenge limiting beliefs, or go beyond blind traditions to explore what the truth looks like to you. You are awakening. Allow your instincts to guide you.

Debbie Edwards Artist Credit: rafy A