Unakite Jasper was first discovered in the Unaka Mountains (Appalachian mountains) of North Carolina. It is a form of Granite, containing mostly pink Orthoclase Feldspar, green Epidote, and Quartz crystals. Feldspar makes up of a little over forty percent of the Earth’s crust and is crystallized from magma. As a result, Unakite Jasper is very attuned to both the Earth and the Earth Element.   

When polished, it has a striking green and pink mottled appearance and is a good stone for designing jewelry, eggs, or spheres. A form of Unakite has now been found in South Africa, Brazil, and China.    

Unakite Jasper has earned a reputation for being a “living in the now” stone. It helps you to realize that time here is finite and can inspire a sense of urgency to try to work for your dreams. Being a meditation stone, it is excellent for telling your hopes and dreams to and can help to focus on achieving these goals.   

Unakite Jasper is associated with the Heart Chakra. It helps to give balance with the world around us and helps with encouraging tolerance, especially in regards to any repressed negative feelings we may have. It has also been known to help alleviate depression and to let go of the past.   

This stone is also known to be a powerful fertility stone and to aid in a healthy pregnancy and birth. It also helps a mother to communicate with her unborn child.   

Pairing Unakite Jasper with other stones will help to enhance its gifts:   

  • Obsidian or Amethyst helps to dispel any negative patterns and helps to relieve grief and sadness.   

  •  Apatite to help stimulate imagination, focus, and concentration.   

  • Dumortierite helps with depression, focus, and clarity.   

Since Unakite Jasper is so deeply connected to the Earth, I would recommend cleansing in soil. Take a glass pot filled with clean soil and bury it overnight. Rinse them thoroughly under running water, making sure to clean the soil from any small indentations.   

You can also bury them in a glass bowl of brown rice for up to twenty-four hours. Make sure you throw out the used rice when done.    

Smudging is also a good way to cleanse your stones of any negative energies. Light your white sage bundle and hold your stone near the stream of smoke. Gently blow the smoke over your stone for a few minutes, five minutes is usually long enough.   

You can charge your Unakite Jasper by setting it out in sunlight for several hours, although this can fade some stones.   

Being an Earth Element stone, another gift of Unakite Jasper is that it is known to help with plant growth. Placing a piece of cleansed Unakite near growing things will filter them with its energy and promote healthy plants. If it is placed near vegetables or other food plants, it will then pass that extra boost of energy onto you, once consumed.   

  ©   Sara Allen Stewart  

Sara Allen Stewart developed a love for crystals, stones, fossils, and gemstones the first time her Aunt Alice took her to a rock and mineral show. Since then, her collection has grown, as well as her education about the history and folklore behind them. She is a published fiction author often who uses this knowledge in her writing.  

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